Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yaron Deskalo in Liberia, Africa

Liberia is a third-world country still recovering from a 14-year civil war.
Beyond the poverty, many are struggling to survive as amputees, who lost their limbs in the terrible conquest of various Liberian rebel factions.
While they struggle to make a living - some spend their days begging - amputees are trying to find a positive impact on society.
Some athletes have turned to amputee sports, like soccer.
What makes this soccer team so unique is that the players come from a variety of backgrounds - some were innocent victims of war atrocities, others are veterans responsible for deaths and destruction of hundreds.
They now take the field as a member of one team: members of the African amputee champions and signs of a rebuilding west African country when the world focus shifts in months to South Africa for soccer's premiere event..


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