Monday, March 29, 2010

Clint Dempsey Shoot March 29

I landed in London this morning and the weather - true to stereotype - was a bit grey with a light drizzle.  I took one of the city's famous black cabs over to the Fulham training grounds and met with a member of their public relations staff.  Took a tour of the grounds...much different than ths standard digs for an American pro team!  The buildings around the practice pitch reminded me of something from an upscale boarding school!

I organized an itinerary with Carmelo, one of Fulham's PR gurus.  Tomorrow, we are set to interview team captain Danny Murphy and then our second go-round with the main subject Mr. Dempsey. We will also be shooting some cinematic video of Clint in his Fulham kit!

Off to the pub for fish and chips.

Submitted by Dave Salerno

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